We consider it a great honor to have opportunities to offer Prophetic readings. Prophecy is a gift, so we do / will not charge money when we give Prophetic words / insight - whether in person or online.

We do, however, ask for a donation / love offering for our

mentoring, coaching & teaching services.

Prophetic Encouragement appointments

What to expect

Prophetic Appointments are an opportunity to have an experienced team of prophetic ministers pray, listen and ask God to speak prophetically into your life, sharing what they believe He is saying.

Our heart is that these appointments encourage you with where you are at - whatever season that may be. We hearing from God for others and sharing what we believe he is saying. 


The words you receive will be encouraging so please feel at peace and be relaxed - you are very welcome to ask any questions before or after the words we share - and of course you can ask for clarity at any point if needed. 


It Is always important to weigh any words given to you and God will always confirm words so ask him to show you.


These appointments last around 30-45 minutes. We do not seek any directional words from God, such as any answers to yes or no questions you may have. 


We have a great team of people who have a heart for others and are great encouragers. We aim to have 2 team members (male and female) in each session.


We encourage you to record the appointment via your phone so that you can go back to it at a later date and also its helpful for asking God about that words given. 



Whether you run a youth  group, men's / women's group, prayer ministry team or are keen to grow in the prophetic as a church, we can help you teach, inspire and encourage you. 

Our visits include:

-teaching on prophecy 

- sharing stories and testimonies of the prophetic

- activations & practical exercises

- providing a time to minister to your church /group

Each gathering is different, but be expectant to see Holy Spirit move in new and powerful ways.

We always love how everyone receives encouragement and growth whenever we do group work - however confident in hearing from God.


We ask that you prayerfully consider giving a donation / love offering.

However at a minimum we need our costs covered.

(this will vary depending on your location and if we bring a small team - bringing a team is our preference).


churches & Groups 

Anything shared within any of our services are treated with the strictest confidence, in accordance to national guidelines. Any information in the form of testimonies and/or feedback will be used only with prior agreement.