We consider it a great honor to have opportunities to offer Prophetic readings. Prophecy is a gift, so we do / will not charge money when we give Prophetic words / insight - whether in person or online.

We do, however, ask for a donation / love offering for our

mentoring, coaching & teaching services.

personal coaching

Personal coaching sessions whereby the individual receives a listening service and support around their relationship with God as well as looking at their destiny and identity in Jesus.

What to expect

These sessions can be one off or a series of them

To receive a confidential space to be supported and coached in your faith journey


To be in a relaxed and informal environment


To learn more of who God is calling you to be but more importantly who God says you are!


Facebook / WhatsApp / Skype

Prophetic mentoring

Individual mentoring sessions on how to grow in the Prophetic and learn to move more powerfully in hearing from God for yourself and for others.

What to expect

These sessions work best over a series as it allows you to really press in to learning how to hear from God uniquely for you. (suggested 4-6 sessions)

Growth in your Propehtic gifting

Increased confidence in how God communicates with you as well as confidence in sharing Prophetic words to others

Opportunities to practice prophesying to others in a safe environment


Facebook / WhatsApp / Skype

Suggested donation:

£50 per session (1.5 hours)

You are welcome to give more or less than the suggested donation.

Due to the generosity of our partners, there are funds available for free or reduced sessions - but these are limited.

* Any service required 10 miles or more outside the Bristol area may incur an additional fee to cover travel costs


Whether you run a youth  group, men's / women's group, prayer ministry team or are keen to grow in the prophetic as a church, we can help you teach, inspire and encourage you. 

Our visits include:

-teaching on prophecy 

- sharing stories and testimonies of the prophetic

- activations & practical exercises

- providing a time to minister to your church /group

Each gathering is different, but be expectant to see Holy Spirit move in new and powerful ways.

We always love how everyone receives encouragement and growth whenever we do group work - however confident in hearing from God.


We ask that you prayerfully consider giving a donation / love offering.

However at a minimum we need our costs covered.

(this will vary depending on your location and if we bring a small team - bringing a team is our preference).


churches & Groups 

Anything shared within any of our services are treated with the strictest confidence, in accordance to national guidelines. Any information in the form of testimonies and/or feedback will be used only with prior agreement.