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Discover God's unique voice for you!


As a ministry, we believe the foundation of hearing from God is:

- knowing our identity & freedom in Jesus  
- knowing we are children of Father God 
- knowing Holy Spirit desires to work in & through us

God is always talking to us in many different ways. The key to hearing clearly & confidently is discovering the unique way that God wants to communicate with us. The beauty is as we spend time listening to God our lives change. We learn more about our destiny, our worth, & most importantly how much we are loved by God because of who we are, not what we are!

Our aim is to see the church equipped & encouraged in & through the Prophetic.
That you can learn to 'Hearyourway'.

'Hearyourway' is an international Prophetic ministry that has grown out of a vision to see all people confident in hearing from God for themselves as well as hearing for others.


Check out our blog which is full of

encouragement & short devotionals.

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soaking music

Why not take some time to be in God's presence.

Explore our YouTube channel which has prophetic soaking music to help you encounter God.


All our music is recorded in the moment so that you can enjoy the unedited inspiration of

Holy Spirit.



Prophetic Encouragement

Prophetic Appointments are offered to be an encouragement to you with where you are at in life. They are intended to be one-off 20minute appointments as the most important voice to hear from in the everyday is of course God's.


You will be welcomed by experienced team of prophetic ministers who love hearing from God for others & sensitively sharing what they believe he is saying.

The words you receive will be encouraging so please feel at peace & be relaxed - you are very welcome to ask any questions before or after the session - & of course you can ask for clarity at any point if needed. 


It Is always important to weigh any words given to you & God will always bring confirmation so we encourage you to ask him for this as well as speaking with those trusted people around you.

We do not seek any directional words from God, such as any answers to yes or no questions you may have. 


We have found that many people find it helpful to record their appointments on their phones so that they can refer back to it at a later date.


Feedback is also really helpful for our growth and development, therefore you will receive a very short & easy questionnaire to fill out after your session.


The team consider it a great honour to have opportunities to offer Prophetic appointments. Prophecy is a gift so we will never charge for appointments. However some people feel led to make a gift & these are always gratefully received but never expected.

Apologies, we are currently unable to offer prophetic appointments due to team capacity, however we hope to be able to open them again in the coming months. Do check back. In the meantime we would love to encourage you with Psalm 139 1-17 Huge blessings, Hearyourway team

Prophetic equipping:
churches & Groups 

Whether you run a church, youth group, small group, prayer ministry team or are keen to grow in the prophetic as a church, we can help you teach, inspire & encourage you. 

Our visits include:

- teaching & equipping in the prophetic

- looking at our identity in Jesus 

- sharing stories & testimonies of the prophetic

- activations & practical exercises

- providing a time to minister to your church /group

These can be one off or a series of visits.

Each gathering is different, but be expectant to see Holy Spirit move in new & powerful ways.

We always love how everyone receives encouragement & growth whenever we do group work - however confident in hearing from God.


We ask that you prayerfully consider giving a donation / love offering. However at a minimum we require our costs to covered (this will vary depending on your location & group number if we need to bring other team members).


Anything shared within any of our services are treated with the strictest confidence. Any information in the form of testimonies &/or feedback will be used only with prior agreement. 


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Ian Pengelly

Bristol, UK

- Prophetic appointments team

- Prophetic soaking music


Nicholas Lebey

London, UK

- Prophetic appointments team

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Cara Medus

Bristol, UK

- Prophetic appointments team


Matt Holman

Bristol, UK

Founder of hearYOURway

-Prophetic appointments & equipping team

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Nick Harvey

Bristol, UK

-Prophetic appointments & equipping team

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-07 at 20.26.34.jpeg

Janet Harvey

Bristol, UK

- Prophetic appointments team


Meet the team



The Reverend Canon Dr Andrew White
(Vicar of Baghdad)

Ambassador: Jerusalem Merit

Reconciliation ministries


It has been an honour & joy to have had the opportunity to see this ministry grow.

As I have spent time with them I have come to know a team who are confident in their Christ-identity & are humble in heart. They are great Godly people with a hunger for the deep things of God, a passion for authentic Christian living & a heart to give to the poor & to reach the nations with the deep, tender love of Jesus.



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We look forward to hearing from you!

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