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We believe the foundation of hearing from God is when we:

- know our identity and freedom in Jesus  

- know we are children of Father God 

- know Holy Spirit desires to work in and through us

God is always talking to us in many different ways. The key to hearing clearly & confidently is discovering the unique way that God wants to communicate with us. The beauty is as we spend time listening to God our lives change. We learn more about our destiny, our worth, and most importantly how much we are loved by God because of who we are, not what we are!

Our aim is to see the church equipped and encouraged in and through the Prophetic.

That you can learn to 'Hearyourway'.

'Hearyourway' is an international Prophetic ministry that has grown out of a vision to see all people confident in hearing from God for themselves as well as hearing for others.



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Matt is married to Laura and they have two wonderful children. As a family, they seek to hear God in all areas of their lives. Their children love sharing what God speaks to them about!

Professionally, Matt's background is in the youth work sector. Specifically in areas such as addictions, homelessness, youth offending and safeguarding. In more recent years he has been a youth minister and a school Chaplain within the Anglican church. 

The Prophetic first fascinated Matt after he experienced others moving in it. He was captivated by specific and accurate words of knowledge and from this started to seek God's heart for people. Those who have inspired Matt and who model Prophetic lives include people such as Canon Andrew White, Shawn Bolz, Heidi Baker, Brian Simmons and Nate & Christy Johnson. Matt loves how others are an inspiration to us by what they carry - but seeks to build others up so they know they are an inspiration!

Matt believes the most exciting aspect in hearing from God is that we can all do it! Each and everyone of us have access to hear, and, as we are all so unique we all hear uniquely. The joy is in finding out what works for us!

There are many stories Matt could share of how sensitively sharing words from God has changed lives, broken through situations and encouraged others in a way that only God can do.


One of Matt's biggest desires is to see the whole church fully operate out of a Prophetic culture day-to-day. He specifically has a heart to encourage young people and leaders. He longs to see all people confident in the Prophetic, as well as growing in wisdom and discernment and operating out of a place of rest and joy.



The Reverend Canon Dr Andrew White


Jerusalem Merit


It has been an honour and joy to have had the opportunity to get to know Matt.

As I have spent time with him I have come to know a man who is confident in his Christ-identity and humble in heart. He is a great Godly man with a hunger for the deep things of God, a passion for authentic Christian living and a heart to give to the poor and to reach the nations with the deep, tender love of Jesus.

Pastoral and Formation Tutor

Theological College

Matt is passionate about equipping and enabling others to engage with God through both a mentoring and Prophetic ministry. He is able to come alongside others and offer timely and appropriate support, that inspires and speaks into situations in a real and relevant way. He is intuitive and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and is prepared to speak truth in a way that gently challenges and yet also affirms others in the sight of God. If you take the opportunity to work with Matt be prepared to be inspired.

Revd Helen Johnson

Andrew Biddlecombe

Founder & Leader

Wildfire, Bristol

Matt is a man of great integrity. He is utterly trustworthy and has a maturity beyond his years. He is also great fun, with a wonderful sense of humour.

He has a real prophetic gift and moves in it boldly and with great sensitivity, both around believers and non-believers.

He has a compassion for others to know God’s love and His purposes for their lives.

He is a good listener and is extremely patient, kind and loving with people, no matter what their circumstances.

He really is a leader, who inspires others, not just to move in the prophetic, and shows them how they can do so, but in valuing what it is to be a son and a daughter, and thereby know their identity and significance, above any works they might try to do to prove their worth.

He is a gem of a man!

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Paul Golf


Champions of Hope

Biblical Teacher & Translator

Matt is an experienced and trustworthy minister who hears clearly from God. He has a genuine love for both Christ and people, and has a clear calling to equip, teach and encourage people from all walks of life.


I can recommend him for prophetic ministry and preaching & teaching. If you are looking for someone to help you or your team move forward with God's wisdom and insight, then Matt is a great choice.


Doug Anderson


Release Academy


Matt has a real heart for people, seeing their futures through Jesus's eyes.


He is a passionate lover of Jesus with a growing Prophetic anointing.


If you are looking for breakthrough and a clearer sense of direction, Matt believes in you and displays the Papa heart of God in a real gentle way.


Mentor, Coach, Lecturer and Retreat Leader

The Mentor Network

 I am delighted to be able to endorse this ministry. Within Matt I see someone who has a vision to journey with people, particularly leaders, and help them thrive and become all that God has made them to be.

He relates particularly well to the millennial generation ie 18's to 30's, but not exclusively so. His zest for life and down-to-earth nature and Prophetic voice will be a blessing across the generations, I'm sure. I look forward to fanning the flame of all that he's about!

Nick & Janet Harvey

Prophetic Leadership and Prophetic course facilitators

Resound, Bristol

Matt demonstrates great integrity in all that he does. He has a gift to encourage and draw people into a closer relationship with God. We see in him a man who has a mature faith, a willingness to learn and a humble spirit. He knows the importance of wise counsel which he sees as an essential element of his journey. Journeying with him is inspiring.


Paul Jacobs

Education & Leadership Consultant  and Church Leader

I am delighted to endorse Matt I came to know him through my former role as Director of Education for Bristol City Council. I was struck by Matt’s vision for the City of Bristol and his desire to encourage, support and enable leaders. He clearly has a calling on his life and has a heart for coaching people through listening to both them and God and forming inspired insights and questions that will help move others forward in their giftings.

Paul Wilcox



Prophetic Encouragement appointments

What to expect

Prophetic Appointments are an opportunity to have an experienced team of prophetic ministers pray, listen and ask God to speak prophetically into your life, sharing what they believe He is saying.

Our heart is that these appointments encourage you with where you are at - whatever season that may be. We love hearing from God for others and sharing what we believe he is saying. 


The words you receive will be encouraging so please feel at peace and be relaxed - you are very welcome to ask any questions before or after the words we share - and of course you can ask for clarity at any point if needed. 


It Is always important to weigh any words given to you and God will always confirm words so ask him to show you.


These appointments last around 30-45 minutes. We do not seek any directional words from God, such as any answers to yes or no questions you may have. 


We have a great team of people who have a heart for others and are great encouragers. We aim to have 2 team members (male and female) in each session.


We encourage you to record the appointment via your phone so that you can go back to it at a later date and also its helpful for asking God about that words given. 



Whether you run a youth  group, men's / women's group, prayer ministry team or are keen to grow in the prophetic as a church, we can help you teach, inspire and encourage you. 

Our visits include:

-teaching & equipping in the prophetic

- looking at our identity in Jesus 

- sharing stories and testimonies of the prophetic

- activations & practical exercises

- providing a time to minister to your church /group

Each gathering is different, but be expectant to see Holy Spirit move in new and powerful ways.

We always love how everyone receives encouragement and growth whenever we do group work - however confident in hearing from God.


We ask that you prayerfully consider giving a donation / love offering.

However at a minimum we need our costs covered.

(this will vary depending on your location and if we bring a small team - bringing a team is our preference).


Prophetic equipping:
churches & Groups 

Anything shared within any of our services are treated with the strictest confidence, in accordance to national guidelines. Any information in the form of testimonies and/or feedback will be used only with prior agreement. 




Please don't hesitate to contact us should you wish to arrange any service or find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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