God is binding the things that have bound people for too long.

This can look messy at times as he takes away those parts of of belief systems that aren’t bringing us freedom, joy or life. The enemy will try to convince us that God is bad, that he is punishing us or doesn't love us but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that God loves us unimaginably and sometimes being set free from stuff can be painful - like pulling a thorn out of our skin.

I have seen a great change in families as well and I see God bringing deep, generational healing into families - again this can look messy at times but your Father God is in control - he sees all things - from the beginning to the end. God will never take stuff from us without giving us something in return. There is always a beautiful swap of blessing - perhaps ask him to show you what he wants to give you and what burden or pain he wants to take from you.

Put yourself in this picture - you are standing on a tall rock that is in the middle of a wide and deep river - there is a huge dam behind you. You are stood on the rock with those you are close to, your children, your spouse/partner, your animals, Jesus - whatever or whoever you are safe with. In the water around you are those people and situations that are painful, the things you need to be free from. They are treading water trying to come up onto your rock - to disturb you and bring pain and anxiety etc… Wist you are stood on the rock you asked God to wash all that was causing harm away. You asked him to release freedom over you. At that moment a crack appeared in the dam and water started to come out - the crack got bigger and bigger and then the water burst through. There is a mighty amount of water coming towards you - God says to you “stand firm, you are on strong foundations” - then the water rushes past you but quite a lot below the rock you were stood on. It washes away all those things that were trying to come up onto the rock with you to steal your peace. All you have to do was stand firm and allow God to wash things away.

There is a beautiful invitation for you to receive all that God has for you - it takes faith - the size of a mustard seed but stand firm and see the wave of God wash away that which is binding you and see freedom arise.

So I prophesy that even today you will start to see how God is working all things together for good - and that you can see how precious you are. It is darkest before the dawn and the sun is about to burst forth!

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