Freedom to evangelise

Recently I came across a quote which said

"You never truly know Jesus until you tell others about him"

This stirred something in me and I felt that this quote and indeed many others like it (without gospel context) could be received in a religious manor and could be guilt inducing.

I felt Gods heart for those who feel a sense of duty or pressure to evangelise because of what people have said to them or expectations put on them as well as self expectations.

So I felt to share my thoughts:

God is more interested in our relationship with him. If we never told another person about Jesus in our entire life but have a relationship with him then that would make his heart full :) I think it's important to teach that evangelism and indeed all works are designed to operate out from our overflow of Holy Spirit and intimacy with God. When we are filled with Holy Spirit we naturally want to connect with others to share the freedom and fullness we carry so that other may know God too, but to say someone can never truly find Jesus if you dont evangelise doesn't speak of the very freedom Jesus offers.

I just wanted to highlight that as have met so many Christians who feel bound by guilt and pressure to evangelise. Also it's not always spoken about how we can evangelise through just loving people which powerfully shows Jesus to people. God doesn't have a list of buzz words that we must use in order to be effective evangelists.

So if this speaks to you then perhaps allow God to bring peace and freedom to you whereby evangelism becomes a beautiful expression of your love for Him rather than a duty that must be fulfilled.

2 Corinthians 3:17

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